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Shops & Services

Some of Vancouver’s best shops give Kerrisdale as their address and no matter what your age or disposable income, there’s a store for you in Kerrisdale Village.

From the best couture for baby to an oasis for your urban puppy, every age and taste can be accommodated in our more than 200 shops, all perfectly intermingled with coffee houses, eateries and galleries offering plenty of comfy downtime for the happy shopper.

Village Voice Newsletter

The Kerrisdale Business Association publishes and distributes this member newsletter about five times a year.

The Village Voice keeps members up-to-date with interesting facts, community event information and helpful tips.

Kerrisdale Community

Many community organizations, volunteer groups and tax supported schools, recreation and park facilities and other agencies are located just steps from Kerrisdale Village.

Be sure to check out the Kerrisdale Insider – a free magazine published five times per year and distributed in the community. It is published in partnership with the Kerrisdale Business Association to promote local businesses, events, services and recreation.

Kerrisdale Beautification

The KBA has always strived to keep the community, clean, safe and beautiful.

To this end we were one of the first districts to employ a whole host of specially designed street furniture to enhance the busy shopping neighbourhood. Added to this are development schemes done in concert with the City to enrich our special community for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.