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Kerrisdale Community

Welcome to the Kerrisdale community!

The business area is the heart of the larger Kerrisdale neighbourhood. It’s the residents, of all ages who define the streets, shops and services as a home.

Many community organizations, volunteer groups and tax supported schools, recreation and park facilities and other agencies are located just steps from Kerrisdale Village.

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Kerrisdale Community Centre

The Kerrisdale Community Centre (KCC) is jointly operated by Kerrisdale Community Centre Society (KCCS) and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation. The Centre offers an exciting blend of programming in recreation, sport and the arts for all age groups.

Kerrisdale Community Police

The Kerrisdale Oakridge Marpole CPC is SW Vancouver’s Community Policing Centre, it is the bridge between our residents and the Vancouver Police Department.

Kerrisdale Community Information on Vancouver.ca

Kerrisdale is primarily a residential area, and has many long-time residents. Its residential streets are lined with sweeping, grand old trees. Kerrisdale Village is the main shopping area, and one of the first to introduce specially designed street furniture to beautify the main shopping streets. Kerrisdale is in the south-western section of the city, sloping down to the Fraser River.

Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena

Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena is located near West Boulevard and 41st Ave. West, two blocks from the Kerrisdale Community Centre. The ice rink is open from September to March with public skating programs and skate lessons for all ages and abilities. You can rent skates during public skate and lesson times. From April to August, it removes the ice to create the Kerrisdale Play Palace, an indoor playground.

Vancouver Public Library – Kerrisdale Branch

Located on West 42nd Avenue and West Boulevard, in the lower level of the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre

At Pacific Spirit Community Health Centre you can get your basic health care and learn how to keep yourself healthy. It provides services for people of all ages. The Centre works with community organizations and health care providers, such as your family doctor, to keep people and communities healthy.

Quilchena Elementary School

Quilchena is a dual track school of approximately 320 students, divided equally between the French and English track. In the English track, approximately 50% of students receive ESL support. The school goal for the 2015-16 year is in social responsibility and self-regulation. Social responsibility is embedded in the school’s way of life. The school’s mission is to “value the development of socially responsible self-confident independent learners who can work together responsibly with mutual respect and cooperation.” As well, a number of extra-curricular sports, student leadership, enrichment and music activities are offered. There is an active parent community and parents are enthusiastically involved in the school and their children’s education.

Maple Grove Elementary School

Maple Grove is a public elementary school in the Kerrisdale area of Vancouver. Our focus is student leadership, technology and academic success. We are the centre of a caring community led by our Parent Advisory Council – a community that “cares deeply, shares generously and helps willingly.”

Kerrisdale Elementary School

Kerrisdale Elementary is a dual track, English and French Immersion school, enrolling over 650 students from Kindergarten to Grade 7. Our Annex  is located one kilometer away at 5901 Balaclava Street and has approximately 100 students in K to Grade 3. upgrading of our buildings. was completed during the 2006/2007 school year. Our large playground includes an outdoor classroom area, two levels of playing fields, two adventure playstructures, one space net, swings, basketball court, and a landscaped area with benches and picnic tables.

Point Grey Secondary School

Point Grey Secondary School is committed to supporting engaged learners and fostering a caring and inclusive school community. It welcomes learners of all types and invites you to contact our staff to learn more about the wide-range of excellent educational programs and services offered at the school.

Magee Secondary School

Magee Secondary School is committed to supporting engaged learners and fostering a caring and inclusive school community.The school welcomes learners of all types and invite you to contact its staff to learn more about the wide-range of excellent educational programs and services offered at the school.

Joan Brandt – Dexter Realty

Joan Brandt, Dexter Realty has been successfully selling real estate on Vancouver’s Westside for over 15 years. With a history of excellence, including Medallion Club achievements, she has gained a reputation for offering her clients superlative service. Using this wealth of experience and information, Joan prides herself on finding her buyers the perfect home and works hard for her sellers in order to achieve the highest possible selling price for their properties.

MacDonald Realty

MacDonald Realty has been serving the real estate needs of British Columbians for more than 70 years. Since 1944, it has been helping its clients make some of the biggest decisions of their lifetime, and offering an exceptional level of service.

Vancouver’s Kerrisdale Neighbourhood

Kerrisdale is a neighbourhood in the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The business area is the heart of the larger Kerrisdale neighbourhood. It’s the residents, of all ages who define the streets, shops and services as a home.

Kerrisdale History

Kerrisdale had its beginnings in 1862 when the McCleery brothers, Samuel and Fitzgerald, decided to farm the area now occupied by the Marine Drive Golf Club. In the mid-1870s, the Magee family began farming just below where Marine Drive today meets Balaclava. The Mole family set their stakes at the present site of the Point Grey Golf Club.

In 1902, the Johnson family built where Crofton House now stands, and in 1903, a young Scottish couple, Mr. And Mrs. William MacKinnon, built a family home at 2941 West 42nd Avenue.

A man named Frank Bowser bought 10 acres at 44th and Macdonald for $50 an acre and C.F. Foreman paid $77 an acre for 10 acres at 49th and Macdonald.

Throughout the years, logging was well underway in the area. Kerrisdale was logged no less than four times during this early period.

Kerrisdale was also beginning to become a desirable place to live. Transportation improved with the building of the CPR tracks in 1902. The B.C. Electric Company took over the Vancouver-Lulu Island Railway in 1905.

In 1905, Mrs. MacKinnon was asked by B.C. Electric General Manager R.H. Sperling to name the tram station at Wilson Road (now 41st Avenue).Mrs. MacKinnon named it Kerrisdale after her old family home, Kerrydale, in Gairloch, Scotland.

In the century since Mrs. MacKinnon put a name to one of the best known districts in Canada, much has happened.

Better transportation came to Kerrisdale in 1912. Street car tracks were laid along the graveled Wilson Road (41st Avenue) from the Boulevard to Dunbar Street. The fare was five cents.

In 1920, tracks were extended along 41st Avenue eastward to Granville where connections could be made for through service to downtown Vancouver.

In 1904, Sydney Bell, who rode the rails to Lulu Island on what was called the Sockeye Special each day, recognized the corner of what is now 41st and West Boulevard as a great business location. As a result, he founded Bell’s General Store and Post Office in 1904.

From 1904-1912, the business district of Kerrisdale was composed of one general store and post office, one meat market, real estate office and hardware store.

In 1912, partners Frank Bowser and Frank Burd built the Bowser Block at 41st and West Boulevard. The building which still stands today, houses the Bank of Montreal, along with other businesses.

Until January 1st , 1929, Vancouver was made up of three areas: the city of Vancouver, the Municipality of South Vancouver and the Municipality of Point Grey.

On March 26th, 1908 a square block was bought in Kerrisdale on which the Point Grey Municipality office would be built. Today, that block is occupied by the Kerrisdale Community Centre. In 1929, the Municipality of Point Grey amalgamated with the City of Vancouver.