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Projects & Features

The Kerrisdale Business Association has always strived to keep the community, clean, safe and beautiful.

To this end we were one of the first districts to employ a whole host of specially designed street furniture to enhance the busy shopping neighbourhood.

Added to this are development schemes done in concert with the City of Vancouver to enrich our special community for the enjoyment of residents and visitors.

The Projects and Design Features lists below mention but a few of our home-designed fashion statements:


  • Kerrisdale BIA Architectural Design Guidelines
  • Sidewalk Bricking
  • Railway Bus Shelter at West Boulevard and West 41st Avenue
  • Parking lot paving, bricking and Street Tree Planting: W 37th to W 41st Aves.
  • Bricking, flower beds and granite stone walls at East Boulevard
  • Water Tap installation at East Boulevard

Design Features

  • Wrought Iron newspaper box surrounds
  • Wrought Iron curve protectors at West and East Boulevards at W 41st intersection
  • Wrought Iron refuse containers in our official colours
  • Large Terra cotta-style flower pots throughout the district
  • Kerrisdale light standards painted in our official colours
Avenue Art & Posters

On the rainy days that set in during any Vancouver season, nothing could be more uplifting than the colourful and elegant banners that grace Kerrisdale’s lamp standards. Seen from afar or close-up they make a powerful statement that you have arrived in a community that takes pride in how it looks.

The Kerrisdale Business Association employs a professional artist to design our street banners, special event posters and magazine and newspaper advertisements.